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Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Let’s be honest, electronic devices & bluetooth are everywhere in modern society. It is so hard to ever be able to take a break away from an electronic device, whether it be your mobile phone, laptop, tv or bluetooth sleep mask.

We are absolutely surrounded by electronic devices, unfortunately there is small amounts of evidence being provided pointing towards the fact that this might in fact be bad for our health & more specifically; the way we sleep.

Find more information to why mobile phones, Wifi & bluetooth sleep masks may disrupt our sleep & potentially harm our health below.

bluetooth sleep mask

Is Bluetooth Radiation?

The first question people ask is, is Bluetooth radiation? 

The answer is Yes.

Bluetooth is a form of microwave radiation that has been made to be a lower ‘non-ionizing’ type of radiation, which currently regulators deem ‘safe’ to humans.

They way in which this has been decided by regulatory bodies is that because it has not been fully proven that bluetooth & electronic devices may be harmful to human health (because it hasn’t been around long enough), then there is no reason to ban bluetooth for human use.

The unsettling thing is, there is a lot of evidence now starting to pile up suggesting that it may be more harmful to humans than we originally thought.

What is EMF?

You may have heard of it, but EMF stands for ‘Electromotive Force’. It is essentially a form of radiation that is emitted form Wifi, mobile phones, bluetooth & many electronic devices.

Is Bluetooth Dangerous?

Well, this is unclear

Currently the official answer is No.

But there have been some studies that might help you make your own decision on the matter.

A study found that when a Drosophila melanogaster insect was exposed to non-ionizing radiation (NIR), it experienced apoptotic cell death, even at very low electric field strengths. Apoptotic cell death is related to the damage of the cells, which is a secondary response to DNA damage, causing DNA fragmentation.

Another study replicated a study from an earlier experiment which confirmed that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields can promote tumour growth with humans & mice.

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In a separate study it was found that bluetooth radiation reduces female fertility by harming the ovarian follicles, endometrial tissue & creating an upsurge of free radical load in the uterus & ovaries.

This can cause altercations in both germ cells as well as other reproductive elements of the female anatomy.

This is a slightly worry insight into the potential dangerous of Bluetooth and EMF devices as a whole. There might need to be more studies looking into current uses of how humans interact with EMF devices to see if we need to have a rethink of their overall safety.

How Does Bluetooth & EMF Affect Sleep?

Getting effective sleep between 7-9 hours is crucial to longevity & living healthy life. So making sure our sleep is of the highest quality for optimal health, do we need to look at our bluetooth & electronic devices that surround us while we sleep?

EMF is said to disrupt the bodies natural production of melatonin, which is the bodies natural sleep hormone. If you do not produce optimal amounts of melatonin, you will not get the best sleep quality.

Melatonin has been shown to be anticarcinogenic, which in theory would mean that it could potentially help the body prevent cancer.


Bluetooth Can Reduce Natural Melatonin Production

A study has shown that EMF can reduce the natural melatonin production of animals by up to 30%, which is a huge number in the grand scheme of things.

Over a long period of time people hypothesize that this could cause problems for your health & wellbeing.

Another study showed that extremely low frequency electromagnetic field exposure has a negative affect on overall sleep quality.

It is noted in the study that poor sleep quality reduces longevity from 80 years to 65–70 years. That is a potential reduction of life span of up to 18%. This shows how crucial high quality sleep is in correlation with life span.

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What We Can Do to Improve Our Sleep in a Modern World

The suggestions are to avoid wearing a bluetooth sleep mask or bluetooth headphones as a priority while you sleep. It is suggested that it may be best to also turn your phone off while you, or even turn it onto ‘airplane mode’ while you rest.

There is anecdotal evidence that people have gotten better sleep when they have had their Wi-Fi turned off, compared to it being switched on. Basically, anything electronic is best being turned off in your bedroom while you sleep.

You can see more information on why it is so hard to sleep in a modern world.

Take Supplementation

A research paper was published that showed the potential benefits of Vitamin C & Vitamin E against EMF induced damage. They have both been shown to have antioxidant properties, which means that they may be able to negate some of the damage that is done to the human body.

Glutathione was also shown in a study to help protect rats against oxidative stress caused by electromagnetic radiation during pregnancy.

Zinc supplementation was also seen to protect rats brains against electromagnetic field induced lipid peroxidation in another study.

These are very interesting concepts as it gives us an idea that there may be things that humans need to explore that could help us in modern society. We hope more research can be done into this to give us more definitive answers to things that can help protect our health & wellbeing.


Wear a Sleep Mask that Doesn’t Emit EMF or Bluetooth

Sleep Masks are known for improving sleep quality due to being able to block light to improve melatonin production, so the next best available option is to choose a 3D Sleep Mask that doesn’t emit any EMF.

Light at nighttime is energising, so blocking out the light when you try to sleep can help you achieve higher quality sleep.

If you’re struggling to get to sleep you can add different things to your sleep routine, instead of using relaxing music.

Meditation for Sleep

Practicing meditation is being used more and more to induce sleep by helping you relax & get into a tranquil mindset. This is potentially one of the most potent components to add to your sleep routine if you struggle with getting to sleep.

At a biological level, meditation practices slow the bod’s heart rate down which in turn slows the breathing rate. This causes a reaction in the body to reduce the levels of cortisol (the body’s stress hormone).

Studies have shown that experienced meditators can achieve a higher levels of slow-wave sleep & REM sleep.

Sleep Sprays

Many sleep sprays and pillow sprays contain essential oils that have been used to help induce sleep for thousands of years. Lavender sleep sprays use one of the most common essential oils, which is associated with optimising & reducing the onset time of sleep.

Some people see sleep sprays as an alternative to melatonin, but others just enjoy the relaxing scents as they go to sleep.

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Have a Cold Bedroom for Better Sleep

Having a bedroom that is around 18.3°C (65°F) can help your core body temperature drop, which can increase the time in which you fall asleep. It can also help you produce a deeper sleep & sleep length.

Using Candles in the Evening

Swapping out your electronic devices for aromatherapy candles in the
evening while reading a book can help you get to sleep earlier. The infrared candle flames are healthy for your eyes, as the colours represent sunset which
can help trigger the brain to want to go to sleep.

Natural Sunlight for Sleep

Getting some morning sunlight every day can help you reset your circadian rhythm, which is your body’s natural body clock. This process of getting morning daylight helps your body understand that it needs to be awake for the rest of the day, but be tired & primed for sleep in the evening.

See our post on how to get to sleep fast for more sleep tips.

Make Your Own Decision

Overall, it’s your life and you make your own choices. Currently the guidance is that bluetooth and EMF is safe & until there are more convincing studies available that are peer reviewed by our government regulatory bodies, we must believe this to be true.

But, reducing your time away from technology has never really been a bad thing


This article is for informational purposes only. This is not medical advice or guidance. You should always consult a doctor before taking any supplementation & none of this has been proven through human studies.

It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

We do not offer medical advice, course of treatment, diagnosis, or any other opinion on your conditions or treatment options.

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