Soy Wax Vegan Candles

ZLEEPY® Soy Scented Vegan Candles are the epitome of eco-conscious luxury. Crafted meticulously from premium natural soy wax derivatives, these candles not only provide a clean and pure aroma but also ensure minimal environmental impact.

Experience non-toxic fumes, a longer burn time, and an aesthetic charm that seamlessly integrates into any decor.

What is a Vegan Candle?

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, vegan candles stand out as a sustainable choice. Unlike traditional candles which may use animal derived ingredients such as beeswax or tallow, vegan candles rely on plant-based materials like soy, ensuring they are cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

Our aromatherapy soy wax vegan candles encapsulate this ethos. Infused with high quality essential oils, they aim to create a serene atmosphere, alleviating stress and promoting relaxation. Using these candles as a primary light source in the evening not only reduces your exposure to artificial light but also sets a tranquil ambiance, potentially enhancing your overall sleep quality.

See our latest candle FAQ to find out how candles work, how to fix candle tunneling, how to trim a candle wick & find out which candles are vegan.

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