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Luxury Soy Aromatherapy Candles

These super stylish luxury Soy Aromatherapy Candles are the perfect gift her.

Self-care is important for everyone, these candles are versatile in their nature as they can be used while you’re in the bath, or while reading a book while you relax in your bed.

Come with an approximate 40 hour burn time, each candle gives off beautiful & clean scents into your environment.

Use as a natural light source in the evening to help aid with sleep. You can choose from scents form Lavender Vanilla, Sandalwood, Peony & Blushsuede, Sage & Seasalt & French Vanilla.

3D Sleep Mask

This complete blackout sleeping mask is a completely affordable effective sleep eye mask for her.

This mask is designed with a superior nose bridge for optimal sleep.

Great for travelling, as this mask comes with a portable bag to protect the mask while you’re on the move.

This aromatic sleep spray is a fantastic self care gift her, as it eludes beautiful aromas to your bedsheets and pillowcases.

Each spray contains an abundance of essential oils that help promote relaxation for sleep including lavender, lemon, may chang, vanilla, marjoram & jasmine.

This is a product that can last from anywhere between 2-4 months by following the instruction on the back of the bottle.

The ZLEEPY® Sleep Spray has been enjoyed by over 1000 customers across the UK.

This is a luxury fragrance spray that is designed to freshen up your bedsheets.

The fresh linen scent is used to mask any unwanted smells, to give you full confidence of having fresh smelling bedsheets in between washes.

This is an absolute winner for all mums!


Sleep Spray + Sleep Mask Duo

This Sleep Spray & Sleep Mask combination is a thoughtful gift to give to your Mum, your sister, your colleague or just your friend in general.

Comes with our complete blackout sleep mask & tranquil sleep spray, for the most comfortable sleep.

This combination is absolutely unmatched on the market, you will not find this combination of luxury products for these affordable prices.

Both have been designed to help promote better sleep for its users.

Optimise your self-care routine with ZLEEPY®

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