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Darkness is essential for the highest quality sleep. Light exposure at incorrect times can influence sleep negatively as it can disrupt the body’s natural “sleep clock”.

Use the ZLEEPY® Luxury 3D Sleep Mask to ensure complete blackout and comfort for optimal levels of sleep, by increasing your body’s natural production of melatonin for a deeper, longer lasting sleep.

Complete darkness | Eyelash friendly | Better sleep

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Designed by ZLEEPY® in the UK

"Dark environments have been proven to help induce deeper sleep"

- The Sleep Foundation

ZLEEPY® 3D Sleep Mask offers full blackout with luxury comfort to help with overall sleep quality.

  • Complete blackout to help achieve deeper sleep
  • Luxury Soft memory foam for complete comfort
  • Eyelash friendly
  • Adjustable strap for perfect fit

"Darkness stimulates the pineal gland to secrete melatonin, whereas exposure to light inhibits this mechanism."

ZLEEPY® Epsom Salt Soap bridge design Superior nose sleep-mask-for-melatonni-alternative ZLEEPY® Epsom Salt Shower Gel bridge design Superior nose sleep-mask-for-melatonni-alternative

ZLEEPY® 3D Eye Mask is perfect to add to your sleep routine.

Why not also add the ZLEEPY® Sleep Spray to your sleeping regiment & achieve deeper sleep by using this powerful combination.

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