ZLEEPY® 3D Sleep Mask


Darkness is essential for the highest quality sleep. Light exposure at incorrect times can influence sleep negatively as it can disrupt the body’s natural “sleep clock”.

Use the ZLEEPY® Luxury 3D Sleep Mask to ensure complete blackout and comfort for optimal levels of sleep, by increasing your body’s natural production of melatonin for a deeper, longer lasting sleep.

Impact of wearing our 3D Sleep Mask according to sleep data:

Time Asleep: +27 Minutes | REM Sleep + 6% | Recovery: +9%

Complete darkness | Eyelash friendly | Better sleep

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3D Sleep Mask Benefits


Enjoy optimal sleep for the equivalent of 6p per night for a year. Our Sleep Mask is a cheaper & more effective alternative to blackout blinds.

Its ergonomic design makes it a must-have companion for travelers, ensuring a peaceful sleep no matter where your journey takes you.


"Dark environments have been proven to help induce deeper sleep"


ZLEEPY® Lavender Epsom Salt + Epsom Salt Soap Duo bridge design Superior nose sleep-mask-for-melatonni-alternative ZLEEPY® Epsom Salt Shampoo bridge design Superior nose sleep-mask-for-melatonni-alternative

Optimal Sleep + REM Sleep + Better Recovery + Deep Sleep


The design ensures total darkness, aiding melatonin production and promoting REM and deep sleep phases for optimal rest.

Enhanced Recovery

Our 3D Sleep Mask aids in diffusing the day's stresses, providing a revitalising rest. Start your day feeling recharged and ready to face new challenges.

sleep mask benefits


Lightweight and foldable, our mask is a traveler's best friend. It's the perfect companion for uninterrupted rest, wherever your journey may take you.


The 3D Sleep Mask is designed to evenly distribute pressure, allowing for a comfortable night's rest. With its soft material and adjustable strap, enjoy the perfect fit every night.


Compact and lightweight, the mask comes with a travel pouch for easy storage, ensuring your mask remains clean and pristine.

Latest Reviews

James P
23/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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I struggle with light waking me up in the mornings, this has helped met get around 25-35 mins extra sleep in the mornings! I always feel like I've had a way deeper sleep to be honest. Thanks again
Emily G
21/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Fits great, sleep has improved! Delivery was a little but completely happy with the mask.
Robert A
15/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Arrived promptly, so far so good.
Katie D
13/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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I love the 3D design. It's so gentle on my eyes and blocks out all the light. thanks x
Sophie T
13/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Does the trick! It actually feels soothing on my face when I have it tighter, the pressure feels nice which I didn't expect! Very happy.
Matthew A
10/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Struggled with the fit at first but it fits well when I press it down heavily over my nose. That's the best way I can get it to fit me to block out the light a bit better. Thanks
Linda S
06/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Use after my nightshifts, it's comfier than my older sleep masks & blocks out the daylight so much better. thanks again
Aimee N
04/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Fast delivery
01/09/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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I use my oura ring to track my sleep and my menstrual cycle. This mask has been a game changerrrrrr! I'm sleeping longer (i think due to the light not waking me) and im getting deeper sleep. yay!
Megan C
29/08/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Fast delivery, thanks again
Emma K
26/08/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Great packaging & mask but took nearly 2 weeks before it was delivered.
24/08/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Simon C
24/08/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Fast delivery, and the mask feels great.
Jane H
18/08/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Was surprised by the quality for he price. super soft and fits so well. thanks x
13/08/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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10/08/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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perfect, thanks
Peter L
06/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Been using my whoop for a while & I've noticed a better sleep recovery score when using the mask. so far so good!
28/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Able to sleep that little bit longer 🙂
Sam C
25/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Tom S
20/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Top-notch quality, fast delivery.
Sara F
16/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Took nearly 2 weeks to arrive
Susan H
16/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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thank you x
Matthew H
12/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Took it on my travels, no regrets! Paired with ear plugs my sleep is so much better.
Emily G
10/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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its ok
04/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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It's actually made more of a difference than I expected, feels like my sleep is a lot deeper. thanks x
02/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Recommended by a friend as I wanted a nice cheap sleep mask that I can take with me everywhere. Hasn't disappointed so far. thank you

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is a 3D Sleep Mask?

A 3D Sleep Mask is a unique sleep aid designed to enhance the quality of your sleep. It stands out from traditional sleep masks with its contoured design, which blocks light without putting pressure on your eyes.

The ‘3D’ comes from the mask’s depth, width, and height, allowing for free eye movement, crucial for REM sleep. Made from lightweight, breathable materials, a 3D Sleep Mask creates a dark environment conducive to restful sleep, whether at home or on the move.

What are the benefits of using a 3D Sleep Mask?

A 3D Sleep Mask enhances your sleep quality by creating a dark, distraction free environment.

Its 3D design allows for free eye movement with complete darkness, crucial for REM sleep, while its lightweight and breathable materials ensure comfort throughout the night. This gives you the ability to get into a deeper sleep, while being able to sleep in a little longer by combating those bright mornings.

How is a 3D Sleep Mask different from traditional sleep masks?

Unlike traditional flat sleep masks, a 3D Sleep Mask has a dome-shaped design that blocks light without pressing on your eyes. This ensures comfort and allows for natural eye movement during REM sleep.

Can a 3D Sleep Mask help with sleep disorders like insomnia?

While a 3D Sleep Mask is not a cure for sleep disorders like insomnia, it can aid in sleep by creating a dark and calm environment. It’s always best to consult a healthcare professional for sleep disorders.

How to clean and maintain a 3D Sleep Mask

The ZLEEPY® 3D Sleep Mask can be gently hand washed with mild soap. Allow it to air dry to maintain its shape and functionality. Always follow the care instructions provided on the label.

How long can I wear a 3D Sleep Mask?

A 3D Sleep Mask can be worn as long as needed to block light and aid sleep, even if that means every single night. Its lightweight, comfortable design ensures it can be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort.

Regular use can contribute to a consistent sleep routine, promoting overall sleep health and helping you wake up refreshed each morning.

Is a 3D Sleep Mask comfortable for side sleepers?

Yes, the contoured design of a 3D Sleep Mask makes it comfortable for all types of sleepers, including side sleepers. It rests gently on the face without causing discomfort.

Does a 3D Sleep Mask put pressure on the eyes?

No, the 3D design of the sleep mask ensures it rests above the eye area, preventing pressure on the eyes while still blocking light effectively.

Can I use a 3D Sleep Mask with CPAP equipment?

Most 3D Sleep Masks are compatible with CPAP equipment. However, it’s best to consult with the mask and CPAP equipment manufacturers or a healthcare professional for confirmation.

Can I use a 3D Sleep Mask with CPAP equipment?

Most 3D Sleep Masks are compatible with CPAP equipment. However, it’s best to consult with the mask and CPAP equipment manufacturers or a healthcare professional for confirmation.

Can a 3D Sleep Mask help with dry eyes?

While not specifically designed for dry eyes, the barrier a 3D Sleep Mask creates can potentially help retain moisture in the eye area, which might alleviate dryness.

Can I use a 3D Sleep Mask if I wear eyelash extensions?

Yes, the 3D design of the sleep mask prevents it from pressing on the eyes and eyelashes, making it suitable for those with eyelash extensions.

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