ZLEEPY® Silk Pillowcase – Grey


“Why didn’t I use silk earlier?” – The question we hear every single day.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury with our mulberry zippered grey silk pillowcase. Made with 100% mulberry silk, this charcoal pillowcase is ultra-soft, smooth, and gentle on your skin, helping you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

We’ve created the latest double overlock stitching technology which ensures durability and prevents fraying, so you can enjoy this pillowcase for years to come. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their sleep hygiene, upgrade their skin quality and protect their hair.

1 Year Warranty*

Clear skin | Hair protective | Cooler fabric | Better sleep

Queen (UK Standard): 50cm x 75cm (20″ x 30″

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Clear skin Hair protective Cooler sleep

silk for better skin
grey silk pillowcase skin breakouts
hair protective
cooling silk

Double Overlock Stitching Hand crafted Highly durable Luxurious design

hypoallergenic silk
natural silk fibre

Silk vs Satin Non toxic Natural fibre Lightweight Skin protective Eco-Friendly


Silk is a natural material that is non toxic. Materials like satin are made from polyester (plastic), which is carcinogenic material that can be absorbed by the skin if you sleep on it regularly.


As silk is a sustainable fibre, especially compared to satin & cotton. Silk is a renewable resource, making it more sustainable than many synthetic fibres.



Silk is a breathable fabric that is considered one of the most luxurious of all natural fibres. It's naturally hypoallergenic which helps keep your skin hydrated & refreshed.


Silk is known for being a very smooth, shiny durable material while simultaneously being known for it's strength & elasticity.

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Silk pillowcase packaging feature review
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Latest Reviews

Megan W
29/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Quick delivery and the pillowcase is just as I expected.
Jenny P
27/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Late delivery because of royal mail failing to deliver my parcel even when I was in! Frustrating start but by pillowcase feels beautiful.
Cara G
25/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Tangle free hair in the mornings 🙂 Thnx
23/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Thanks x
Elaine S
23/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
I didn't know I needed silk! many thanks
Isabelle E
23/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Good value for money. Delivery was quick and the product is good quality.
Amy B
19/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Bought the pillowcase as a gift for my mum's birthday after buying one for myself! We both love them x
Clare D
19/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Good service
Helen A
17/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Sleek packaging and fast delivery 🙂
Lucy O
14/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Arrived within a few days. Really impressed with my new pillowcase.
12/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Thank you
Emma T
10/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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I was worried with it being so much cheaper than everywhere else, but I'm actually so impressed with the quality.
Joanne R
08/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Fast delivery
07/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Bought for my girlfriend.
Amy W
04/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Arrived late as a birthday gift because of royal mail. She loved it but it was annoying at the time.
02/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Took a while to arrive, but overall happy with the pillowcase.
Lydia H
01/07/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Great x
28/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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I used to use a satin pillowcase as I thought it was the same as normal silk, until I realised it was bas for my skin. I always assumed silk was too expensive until I saw these! Thank you so much x
Katie N
25/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Ordered 2 as a gift for my mum. She absolutely loves them!
20/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Rachel R
16/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Will never go back to cotton for my pillowcases! Reasonably priced too. Thanks
Sue B
16/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Incredible customer service, and the product is fantastic. Thank you!
Megan C
12/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Customer service was great as my first parcel went missing, sent a second out swiftly & I love it 🙂
Chloe S
10/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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05/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Really good price especially in comparison to blissy etc. I was worried that they may be worse quality but after reading the reviews I just went for it, so glad I did! thank you xx
02/06/23 - Verified Buyer✔️
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They wash well on a low heat and still remain super soft. I'm very impressed as I thought it was going to be painful to wash!

Competitor Pricing

£ 39
ZLEEPY® Silk Pillowcase
  • Blissy - £79.95
  • Slip - £89.00
  • John Lewis - £48.00
  • ZLEEPY® - £39.95

Is the Grey Silk Pillowcase Skin Hydrating?

This grey silk pillowcase is a unique hypoallergenic fabric that helps keep nutrients & moisture on the surface of the skin, unlike other pillowcase materials. Combat dry skin & acne with silk!

Does the Grey Silk Pillowcase have Hair Protective Qualities?

Silk offers unparalleled hair protection, reducing friction and breakage while you sleep. The ultra-smooth surface helps to maintain your hair’s natural moisture and shine, ensuring you wake up with soft, tangle-free tresses.

Is the Grey Silk Pillowcase Anti-Aging?

Every night you sleep with silk reduces facial creases and wrinkles, compared to other materials.

The gentle, smooth fabric retains your skin’s natural moisture, ensuring a youthful, radiant complexion each morning.

Does the Grey Silk Pillowcase have Temperature Regulating properties?

Our silk pillowcases boast exceptional temperature-regulating properties, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The natural, breathable fabric adapts to your body’s temperature, providing optimal comfort for a restful night’s sleep, no matter the season.

Cheaper than Competitors

At ZLEEPY®, we take pride in offering our luxurious grey silk pillowcases at a more affordable price than our nearest competitors, without compromising on quality. Our unique Double Overlock Stitching method ensures enhanced durability, providing you with a long-lasting investment in your sleep experience.

1 Year Warranty

We offer a full 1 year warranty on all of our silk pillowcases.

UK Team

Our dedicated UK-based team at ZLEEPY® are always on hand to provide support for all your needs from the heart of the Lake District.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from your purchase to sweet dreams.

Silk FAQ

See our Silk FAQ for more information on silk pillowcase benefits, how to wash silk & how to iron silk.

Additional information

Additional information


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