ZLEEPY® was founded in 2021 in the UK by two friends, who wanted to create a business with one simple mission, to make people’s lives better through premium sleep and wellbeing products.

Our goal is to inform as many people as we can about the importance of sleep & how it can affect your life positively, once you take it seriously.

Everyone has different sleeping needs & issues. We want to help everyone be able to find something that works for them by creating innovative products, backed by the latest science & also bring ideas to life by listening to our community.


We want to make it our mission to educate as many people as we can about the importance of sleep & health in general.

We know how important sleep is for mental health & longevity, we believe everyone has a right to information that can help improve their health & wellbeing.

That’s why we want to make it our duty to give out as much sleep & health information possible, so that everyone has the opportunity to improve their lifestyle.


We want to help build a community of people who care about their health so that we can learn & grow with. 

We want to be able to listen to our community so that we can create together. We want to do this by giving our community a voice, to give them the opportunity to let us know what innovations they would like to see from us, that they believe everyone can benefit from.

It’s about helping one another understand the science of sleep, health & wellbeing so that we can all implement our shared experiences into our own lifestyle, so that we can all feel our best!


Premium Products

Our team of experts produce ZLEEPY® products to the highest of standards, down to every detail. We do not compromise on product quality & we never will.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on any items to the mainland UK on orders over £20.

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The team at ZLEEPY® are super friendly as we love helping our customers. Just drop us an e-mail and one of the team will be straight back to you.

Suite 4, first floor, Staveley, UK

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