ZLEEPY® Sleep Spray – Lavender – 100ml



Lavender has been used for thousands of years as an anxiolytic & as a sedative, to induce relaxation & calmness before sleep.

With this lavender sleep spray, the whole goodness of the lavender plant & nine other relaxing essential oils have been condensed into a bottle for optimal ease.

The special blend of natural essential oils have been carefully selected to produce a lavender sleep product with an orchestra of gentle hypnotic notes to help you drift off into a deep sleep.

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Improve your sleep routine
  • 2-4 months supply

Incorporate into your daily routine to act as a sleep scent trigger, to prepare your mind for sleep each night. Can be used as a lavender linen spray.

100ml ℮ (2-4 months supply)

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Designed by ZLEEPY® in the UK

"78% of people said they were more excited for bed when their sheets had a fresh scent, and 71% of people described getting more comfortable sleep with fresh sheets."


How to get a better night’s sleep…

Spray 1-3 times to create a fine mist around your pillow & sheets before you go to sleep.

The beautiful scents seep into the fibres to give you a soft, soothing aroma.

Let the sweet aromas relax you & calm your mind as you prepare to go to sleep.

Incorporate into your daily routine to act as a sleep scent trigger, to prepare your mind for sleep each night.

Customer reviews from our product email survey in August 2022

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Pleasantly surprised! It has such a beautiful scent, when I leave the room and come back an hour or so later you can still smell it from the room! It's hard to say whether it made me sleep better or longer, but it does help me relax and get to sleep quicker as I've made it into a little ritual.
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I wasn't sure whether to give this a go but I'm so glad I did, the lavender isn't too strong & it has some light citrus scents to it. I spray it 3 times on my pillow when I decide to go to sleep, I followed the instructions and so far it does help keep me in a good sleep routine.
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Use this most nights & I still can't tell if it's a placebo or the product, but I do feel more relaxed when I spray it on my pillow as I try to settle down. Placebo or not I'm still happy with how it makes me feel. Thanks again
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This is one of my favourite sleep sprays, mainly due to the way it smells. It's so soft and beautiful, I do use other branded sleep sprays but they can be a little strong scented (for me). My husband likes this one more than the others as it smells 'fresh' compared to the others. I will be keeping this by my bedside 🙂 Thank you
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Lovely scent for my bedroom, lasts longer than I expected too. I feel like it does help my sleep a little but only time will tell 🙂
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Smells great.

ZLEEPY® Silk Pillowcase – Light Grey natural essential oils 10 calming ZLEEPY® Silk Pillowcase – Grey natural essential oils 10 calming

This long-lasting fresh scent can still be noticed on the fabric for over 24 hours, once sprayed onto a pillowcase or bedsheet.

The reason why…

Studied for its anxiety relieving & mood boosting effects. Used for centuries as a natural sleep remedy, to help calm the mind & body.

Has delicate compounds which act as a sedative to relax the body for a better night’s sleep.

A powerful relaxant that works as an effective aid to promote restful sleep.

Native to the Philippines, Ylang Ylang has been used to reduce stress, anxiety & cortisol. 

Known for being gentle and nurturing to the mind & body. Mandarin has been used to help a calm space for a peaceful sleep.

Used for creating a relaxing environment & reducing cortisol, to promote healthy sleep.

Soothing & soft, known as the ‘Oil of Tranquility’. It is utilised for its uplifting & relaxing properties to help ease anxious feelings.

Citrus helps keeps things fresh & is used for its naturally calming effects.

A sweet & calming natural sedative that is used to help induce sleep.

Generally calming as it promotes restfulness. Vanilla is also known to have sedative properties.

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Lavandula latifolia, Pogostemon cablin, Jasminium Sambac, Cananga odorata, Citrus nobilis, Salvia sclarea, Litsea cubeba, Citrus limonum Origanum marjorana, Vanilla planifolia, Eugenol, Geraniol, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool, Benzyl Salicycate, Citral, Farsenol, Benzyl Benzoate. Not for oral or topical consumption*

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