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What are gaming glasses & why are they being recognised as an important necessity for gamers? Let me give you a quick background to the reason why, before we get into the smaller details. 

The gaming industry has grown dramatically over the last 15 years. The market size is currently said to be worth around 174 billion dollars & is expected to reach around 315 billion dollars by 2027 according to Mordor Intelligence.

This is partly due to the growth in new technologies, and also as of recently projects like the metaverse coming into our lives soon, which will really push the gaming industry even further.

It is estimated that there are over 3 billion gamers in the world, this can range from hardcore gamers on PC, or the ages 60+ indulging in some candy crush on their phone or tablet. One thing that they all have in common though, is that they’re all staring at screens.

This is why recently there has been an uptake in people wearing gaming glasses uk, or more specifically blue light blocking glasses to help protect their eyes from screens.

"Nearly 70% of US adults experience digital eye strain as a result of increasing use of digital devices” – The Vision Council.

Do screens damage your eyes?

The Vision Council in the US have previously stated that “Nearly 70% of US adults experience digital eye strain as a result of increasing use of digital devices”, we imagine that to be similar numbers in the UK due to the similarities that we share in lifestyles.

Short term side effects

There’s also short term side effects of too much blue light which include:

• Eye strain
• Headaches
• Blurred vision
• Dry eyes

Now these don’t sound too scary, but if they keep happening every once or twice a week it could really start to impact your wellbeing negatively. What about long term side effects?

Potential long term side effects of blue light digital devices

Now, the current research into screens and long term eye damage is still ongoing, but current studies suggest that blue light from screens may increase the risk of macular degeneration, a disease of the retina.

Animal studies have shown that from a few minutes, up until many hours of blue light exposure may be harmful, especially if exposed  to it continuously over time.

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll potentially be at a higher risk of the side effects of screens. This is why people are now becoming more conscious about their health, and are now investing in blue light blocking glasses / gaming glasses uk.

do screens damage your eyes?

What are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses are used to block out and reflect harmful blue light from screens, while spending multiple hours gaming on a computer or phone device.

Most clear lens gaming glasses from reputable sources block out & reflect between 20-40% of blue light, to help your eyes feel sharp & have reduced fatigue while gaming.

Do gaming glasses help with headaches?

Yes, they do help with headaches in many individuals. Due to the blue light blocking & reflective nature of most gaming glasses, they are known for reducing headaches & eye strain.

They are used as a tool by gamers to increase gaming sessions length & quality. With tired, sore & fatigued eyes it becomes a lot harder to compete effectively.

These are the typical gamer glasses as they’re great to use if you’re looking at a screen for more than 2-3 hours, as the blue light can be quite taxing on your eyes.

You can also find out on why people wear blue light glasses for health & sleep benefits here.

Many gamers & streamers can often be looking at screens for 4 hours or more, which would make these clear lens gaming glasses effective at reducing eye strain & headaches while competing at any level.

These clear lenses are great as you have protection without your gaming vision being compromised, as these lenses are clear for fast paced gaming which is typically what most gamers need.

Red lens blue light glasses

There are another type of blue light blocking glasses that are also gaming glasses, these have red lenses.

These block out & reflect up to 98% of blue & green light, meaning that they give a high level of protection. These are best used for slower paced gaming like on strategy games or board style games.

These are mainly used in evenings to try and help you wind down after a heavy gaming session, to help protect your eyes from blue light to help prepare you for when you go to bed. If you do sometimes have trouble falling to sleep after gaming, wearing these two hours before your bedtime can help improve sleep onset times.

What are the best gaming glasses?

The best gaming glasses are said to be ones that block out around 40% of blue light & are lightweight & thin to fit under your headphones. Many glasses are made quite bulky and can be irritating & distracting to the ear while playing with over the ear headphones.

ZLEEPY® offer a 2 pack of Blue Light Gaming Glasses, where you will receive both types of lenses, the clear lens that block out and reflect up to 40% of blue light & the red lens glasses for evening wear, on those slower paced games before bed that block out 98% of blue & green light, which in turn can help with sleep.

ZLEEPY® Glasses have been designed to be thin, lightweight & comfortable to fit under headphones with ease.


We believe that gaming can be played healthily, as it is social and can be good for people’s mental health. What we would say is being more conscious of your eye health & health in general could give you some positive benefits.

Our tips to help with your gaming health:

  • Take a break away from your screen every 30-60 minutes
  • Reduce late night time playing, as blue light exposure at night can disrupt sleep.
  • Use blue light blocking glasses to reduce blue light exposure.
Don’t just completely cut out gaming just because of blue light, it may have some positive benefits for your lifestyle, like helping you to relax and unwind by yourself or while you’re with friends. 

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