ZLEEPY® Blue Light Glasses are designed to help reduce eye strain in the daytime while using screens, and to help optimise sleep levels at nighttime. They do this by helping improve the body’s natural production of melatonin, by blocking out blue light.

Humans aren’t designed to see blue light after sunset. With the introduction of screens and mobile phones in modern human life, we get exposed to blue light during the evenings. This blue light exposure causes our body to delay it’s natural production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This reduction of melatonin causes humans to delay their onset of sleep, sleep less & have a lower quality sleep.

ZLEEPY® Glasses are here to reduce the amount of blue light that your eyes can absorb, to help optimise your sleep in modern environments. Our glasses come as a natural melatonin alternative, as they help the body increase it’s own production of melatonin which in turn helps overall sleep quality.

ZLEEPY® Glasses come as lightweight, thin framed glasses for comfort & unique styling.

Why not add a sleep mask to your sleep routine to compliment the blue light glasses.

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