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When Will I die? Find out Using our Sleep Death Calculator

Do you know that your sleeping habits could impact your lifespan?

That’s right, how much sleep you get each night plays a vital role in determining your health and longevity.

To help you understand the importance of sleep, we have created a death calculator (for fun), that considers how many hours of sleep you get each night and provides an estimate of when you may pass away related to scientific data.

But don’t worry, we’re not here to scare you. Instead, we want to help you take your sleep more seriously with the aim to try and help you decide to improve your overall health.

Sleep Death Calculator

Death Estimation Calculator Based on Sleep Habits

Gender Age Hours of Sleep

Is it Time to Make Changes to My Sleep?

Look, whatever the outcome of the calculator, there is an opportunity for most of us to make some minor changes to our sleeping habits, for a happier & healthier lifestyle.

If you’re someone who saunters to bed slowly after a shower, to then scroll on their phone aimlessly, you may be able to take something away from this. Many of us don’t take bedtime seriously, but there always enough time for us to make changes.

What Can I Do to Improve My Sleep Habits?

Are you struggling to fall asleep or find yourself waking up feeling tired? Here are some tips to help improve your sleep habits:

  • Fix your sleep schedule: Try to establish a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends.

  • Get to sleep faster: Establish a relaxing bedtime routine and avoid using electronic devices or consuming caffeine close to bedtime. You could also try natural remedies such as chamomile tea or lavender essential oils to help you relax.

  • What not to do before going to sleep: Avoid eating heavy meals or exercising vigorously before bedtime. Additionally, it’s best to avoid alcohol and nicotine before bedtime as they can disrupt your sleep.

  • Is it better to sleep naked? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, sleeping naked could help regulate your body temperature and improve your sleep quality. The take away here would be that it is important to try and sleep in a cool environment, for optimal sleep levels.

To create a relaxing sleep environment, you could try taking a warm bath with aromatherapy candles, make your bed more enjoyable by using a silk pillowcase, dim the lights to help you unwind and prepare for sleep.

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Supplements for Sleep

There are so many options to try that may be able to help improve your sleep routine. There are supplements options to get you more relaxed and relieve those racing thoughts & there are some that directly help you improve your sleep quality.

If you’re looking for natural supplements to improve your sleep, there are several alternatives to melatonin that are available on the market ranging from 5HTP, L-theanine, Glycine, Lavender & Magnesium flakes (that can be used in your bath routine!).

How does lavender help you sleep? Lavender is an ancient plant that has been used for 1000’s of years, as a natural element for sleep improvement.

Additionally, magnesium has been found to have calming effects that could help you sleep better, the best form for this would be Magnesium glycinate.

Sleep Patches and Calming Patches that contain natural plant elements are also becoming increasingly popular, for their ability to deliver natural ingredients to the body that contain relaxing sleep properties.


Get researching, become self aware! Try to notice all of those little unnecessary habits that you have that could be impacting your sleep amount & sleep quality.

It’s time to look into the best supplementation that may be best for you & it’s time to start prioritising your selfcare.

Make those adjustments to help you prime yourself for sleep, read a book instead of being on your phone, meditate instead of playing a game, make sure you stop your working schedule from eating into your evening time.

The best time to start is today, you won’t regret it.

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