ZLEEPY® 3D Sleep Mask + Hush Earplug Duo

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Darkness and silence is essential for the highest quality sleep. Light exposure at incorrect times can influence sleep negatively as it can disrupt the body’s natural “sleep clock”.

Use the ZLEEPY® Luxury 3D Sleep Mask and Earplug set to ensure complete blackout and comfort for optimal levels of sleep, by increasing your body’s natural production of melatonin for a deeper, longer lasting sleep.

Impact of wearing our 3D Sleep Mask and Earplugs according to sleep data:

Time Asleep: +27 Minutes | REM Sleep + 6% | Recovery: +9%

Complete darkness | Reduced Noise | Better sleep

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3D Sleep Mask + Earplug Benefits


Enjoy optimal sleep for the equivalent of 8p per night for a year. Our Sleep Mask and Hush Earplug Duo is a cheaper & more effective alternative to blackout blinds.

Its ergonomic design makes it a must-have companion for travelers, ensuring a peaceful sleep no matter where your journey takes you.


"Dark & quiet environments have been proven to help induce deeper sleep"


ZLEEPY® White Silk Pillowcase + Hush Earplug Set bridge design Superior nose sleep-mask-for-melatonni-alternative ZLEEPY® Grey Silk Pillowcase + Hush Earplug Set bridge design Superior nose sleep-mask-for-melatonni-alternative
reduced noise ear plugs for sleep
ear plugs with ergonomic comfort

Optimal Sleep + REM Sleep + Better Recovery + Deep Sleep


The design ensures total darkness, aiding melatonin production and promoting REM and deep sleep phases for optimal rest.

Enhanced Recovery

Our 3D Sleep Mask aids in diffusing the day's stresses, providing a revitalising rest. Start your day feeling recharged and ready to face new challenges.



Lightweight and foldable, our mask is a traveler's best friend. It's the perfect companion for uninterrupted rest, wherever your journey may take you.


The 3D Sleep Mask is designed to evenly distribute pressure, allowing for a comfortable night's rest. With its soft material and adjustable strap, enjoy the perfect fit every night.

ZLEEPY® White Silk Pillowcase + Hush Earplug Set noise reduction Up to 26dB (SNR) earplugs-for-sleeping ZLEEPY® Grey Silk Pillowcase + Hush Earplug Set noise reduction Up to 26dB (SNR) earplugs-for-sleeping

SLEEP Quality

Research has found that individuals who use earplugs to reduce outside noise experience fewer sleep disturbances, fall asleep faster, and report higher overall sleep quality.

Deep Sleep

Hush Earplugs can help increase the amount of deep sleep (also known as slow-wave sleep) an individual gets. Deep sleep is crucial for physical recovery and memory consolidation.


Suitable for Side Sleepers

Crafted from flexible, soft-touch silicone and available with three interchangeable ear tip sizes (S, M, L), they ensure a perfect fit for anyone seeking peace.


The Hush Earplugs come with a sleek, compact case, perfect for protecting and maintaining their cleanliness during travel or at home.


Compact and lightweight, the mask comes with a travel pouch for easy storage, ensuring your mask remains clean and pristine.

Latest Reviews

Laura R
23/04/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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A lot cheaper than buying loop ear plugs by themselves! Thank you x
05/04/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Highly recommend
Katherine R
04/04/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Bought two (for me and my husband) and we both love them!
Sam T
01/04/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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27/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Bought for my trips away, they've been great.
James P
23/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
I struggle with light waking me up in the mornings, this has helped met get around 25-35 mins extra sleep in the mornings! I always feel like I've had a way deeper sleep to be honest. Thanks again
21/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Sleep mask is great for me, but the ear plugs don't quite work with my ears. I've given them to my wife and she enjoys using them! She's even started wearing them for when she meditates.
Robert A
15/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Arrived promptly, so far so good.
Katie D
13/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
I love the 3D design. It's so gentle on my eyes and blocks out all the light. thanks x
Sophie T
13/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Does the trick! It actually feels soothing on my face when I have it tighter, the pressure feels nice which I didn't expect! Very happy.
Matthew A
10/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Struggled with the fit at first but it fits well when I press it down heavily over my nose. That's the best way I can get it to fit me to block out the light a bit better. Thanks
Linda S
06/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Use after my nightshifts, it's comfier than my older sleep masks & blocks out the daylight so much better. thanks again
Aimee N
04/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Fast delivery
01/03/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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I use my oura ring to track my sleep and my menstrual cycle. This mask has been a game changerrrrrr! I'm sleeping longer (i think due to the light not waking me) and im getting deeper sleep. yay!
Megan C
29/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Fast delivery, thanks again
Emma K
26/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Great packaging & mask but took nearly 2 weeks before it was delivered.
24/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Simon C
24/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Fast delivery, and the mask feels great.
Jane H
18/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Was surprised by the quality for he price. super soft and fits so well. thanks x
13/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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10/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
perfect, thanks
Peter L
06/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Been using my whoop for a while & I've noticed a better sleep recovery score when using the mask. so far so good!
28/02/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Able to sleep that little bit longer 🙂
Sam C
25/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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Tom S
20/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Top-notch quality, fast delivery.
Sara F
16/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Took nearly 2 weeks to arrive
Susan H
16/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
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thank you x
Matthew H
12/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Took it on my travels, no regrets! Paired with ear plugs my sleep is so much better.
Emily G
10/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
its ok
04/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
It's actually made more of a difference than I expected, feels like my sleep is a lot deeper. thanks x
02/01/24 - Verified Buyer✔️
Read More
Recommended by a friend as I wanted a nice cheap sleep mask that I can take with me everywhere. Hasn't disappointed so far. thank you

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the 3D Sleep Mask + Hush Earplug Duo?

The 3D Sleep Mask + Hush Earplug Duo is an innovative sleep solution combining a contoured 3D Sleep Mask and noise-reducing Hush Earplugs. This duo is designed to enhance your sleep quality by creating a peaceful, dark environment free from visual and auditory distractions.

How does the 3D Sleep Mask enhance sleep quality?

The 3D Sleep Mask blocks out light with its unique contoured design, which allows for free eye movement and prevents pressure on your eyes. Its breathable material ensures comfort, making it perfect for uninterrupted REM sleep and a restful night, whether at home or while traveling.

Why are Hush Earplugs made from silicone?

Hush Earplugs are crafted from soft-touch silicone for its flexibility, comfort, and hypoallergenic properties. Silicone adapts to the shape of your ear for a perfect fit, ensuring effective noise reduction and comfort during both day and night.

Can Hush Earplugs be reused?

Yes, Hush Earplugs are reusable and easy to clean, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for daily use. They come with three sizes of interchangeable ear tips to ensure a snug, comfortable fit for all ear types.

How do the Hush Earplugs and 3D Sleep Mask contribute to better sleep?

By significantly reducing noise with up to 26 dB (SNR) of noise reduction and creating a dark, distraction-free environment, the duo minimises sleep disruptions. This allows for deeper, more restorative sleep essential for physical and mental recovery.

How to clean and maintain the duo?

Hush Earplugs can be cleaned with mild soap and water, while the 3D Sleep Mask should be gently hand washed. Let both air dry completely before the next use. Regular cleaning maintains hygiene and ensures longevity.

Are the Hush Earplugs and 3D Sleep Mask comfortable for all sleeping positions?

Yes, their designs cater to all types of sleepers. The earplugs’ soft, flexible material fits comfortably in your ears, and the mask’s contoured shape rests gently on your face without pressing on your eyes or causing discomfort.

Can I travel with the 3D Sleep Mask + Hush Earplug Duo?

Absolutely. Both the sleep mask and earplugs are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel. They come with convenient storage options to ensure you can rest well wherever you are.

Will Hush Earplugs block all sounds?

While they significantly reduce noise, Hush Earplugs are designed to lower harmful or disruptive sounds without completely eliminating noise, ensuring important alerts or alarms can still be heard.

Is the 3D Sleep Mask suitable for individuals with sleep disorders or dry eyes?

While not a cure for sleep disorders, the 3D Sleep Mask aids in creating a conducive sleep environment. It may also help retain moisture around the eye area, potentially alleviating dryness. For sleep disorders, consulting a healthcare professional is recommended.

Can I use the duo if I wear eyelash extensions or CPAP equipment?

Yes, the 3D Sleep Mask’s design avoids pressing on the eyes and eyelashes, making it suitable for those with eyelash extensions. Most 3D Sleep Masks are compatible with CPAP equipment, but it’s advisable to consult with the manufacturers or a healthcare professional for confirmation.
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